Learn To Run A Photography Business by doing.


Summer 2019 Apprenticeship application is open


I didn’t own a professional camera when I quit my glossy Los Angeles PR job to become a photographer.

I didn’t have a portfolio, a plan, or any idea how to shoot a camera manually.

I’m opening up my business to one person every six months to apprentice with me to learn how I tripled my revenue in year two, how my automated workflow to work less than 15 hours per week, and how I manage a variety of projects and clients.

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This is not coaching. This is doing, working, achieving.


Establish a Business

Do you know how to manage your clients, book new shoots, work off of a budget, and grow quickly?


attract new clients

Learn how to attract your ideal photography client and master the art of marketing while still having time to create and nurture existing relationships.


automate and go pro

Automate your workflow. Be user friendly for your clients. Be a professional.


Who is this for?

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You are under twenty-five, you want to start a photography business, and you have no idea how to make money doing it.

You are motivated, eager to learn, willing to do some heavy lifting, and want to invest in doing things well.

You believe you can have anything you want.

You want to help and serve your clients.


The application process


A Call with Mol

I’d like to get to know you voice-to-voice. Let’s set up a time to chat.


You’ll fill out an application, upload your resume, and submit both your existing portfolio and your projected portfolio. Letters of recommendation encouraged.


You will be interviewed to ascertain your willingness to get in the drivers seat, your professionalism, and your eagerness to learn.



Schedule a time to call by clicking the button below!

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The apprenticeship

Cost: $2,000 + equipment and investments

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Week 1

Portfolio Review

Business Model Set Up

Equipment Review

Shoot Challenge 1

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Week 2



Establishing Your Business

Shoot Challenge 2

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Week 3

Techniques in shooting and editing

Sales Training

Budget & Cashflow Projections

Shoot Challenge 3

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Week 4

Sales Training (part 2)

Marketing & Editorial Calendaring

Task Management

Shoot Challenge 4

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Week 5

Agreements, Invoicing, Bookkeeping Advisement

CRM Set Up

Workflow Optimization

Shoot Challenge 5

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Week 6

Clarity Statement

Hiring Your Team & Acquiring Your Resources

Website, Logo, and Business Documents

Wrap - Up