Deliver real value in your workshops.

And market them so that people show up.


Identify your value

What is the value of your workshop or event? What is the take home that your ideal attendee wants and can you deliver it?


Make it repeatable

Can you do this over and over? Generate an audience that wants more and curate an event that you can execute in your sleep.


a sustainable community

By building a sustainable community, your attendees will begin to develop friendships, partnerships, and networks that you can tap at any time.


Want help getting the word out and delivering value?

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If you’re thinking of hosting an educational workshop, event, or social, let’s talk about how to make sure you’re talking to:

  • Your most relevant network

  • People who will buy

  • People who want to know what you have to share.

Let’s also work on how we market this event so you can host it over and over and generate a repeatable income.