My Sales System for When I Hit A Wall

The Best Note To Self For When You’ve Hit A Wall:

“Today I’m thankful that I have had opportunities to go out and plant seeds, for sun and rain that makes them sprout, and for all the things their fruit have provided. I intend to be a good steward.”

Ok. Let’s unpack that.


Opportunity means you aren’t chained to a desk, or limited by your own self doubt, or so afraid of failure that you’ll never take a chance. Do you realize how fortunate you are to have a product or service to sell? Do you realize how many opportunities you’ve had to talk about what you do and then convert it into a transition for a potential sale? That’s opportunity.

Sowing Seeds:

Sowing seeds are making offers and pitching your product or service. I hope you are doing this regularly, friend. If making offers or pitching a sale is the scariest part of business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me because that’s a sure-sign of a limiting fear that will really hinder your business. Sow your seeds. Reach out to people. Make sales. Be aggressive, be polite, follow through, and be consistent.

Sun and Rain:

For whatever reason, sometimes people need time before they buy to what you have to sell. Sometimes you’re waiting for people to come to you. Either way, you’re waiting. And you don’t necessarily know what is happening on the other side of that transaction. That’s okay, though. Have faith in the sun and the rain, that they’ll come through to nurture your seeds. But, as with gardening, not every seed will sprout.

About two weeks ago on a Tuesday, I hit a wall. I was wanting to skip from sowing seeds to harvesting the fruit. I was tired of waiting for sun and rain. I called my mentor - a fellow Enneagram type 7 - and she encouraged me to just wait. Take the day off. Watch TV. Sit down. What’s funny is I wasn’t even listening, all I did was go right back to harvesting fruit and said back to her, “OK, I hear you. But all I want is to make $X this month.” and she said, “I know. But wait for the sun and rain to sprout your seeds.”

I hung up the phone and went out to my garden where a week prior I had sown chioggia beets, rapini broccoli, and some trionfo violetto beans. When I looked into my boxes, I saw that my rapini had started sprouting. I didn’t know they’d sprout so soon! So I texted her, “Holy cow, I planted these, I had no idea they’d sprout TODAY.” And again she gently reminded me to take the day off. To let these real life plants serve as a reminder to let the sun and rain do their work.

I went to the beach. I got a sunburn. I lost my head phones. I helped tourists find free parking. I listened to “My Favorite Murder”. I attempted a work out. The only thing I didn’t do was work.

The. Next. Day. I made 4 sales that changed my income for the month to significantly impact that $X and in fact go beyond it by $2,000. Sun and rain, people.

Please let me be clear: sun and rain doesn’t mean stopping the grind or slowing the hustle or whatever jargon you want to use. It means working really hard, and then taking a freaking breath because you can’t control everything. Work really hard, toil at that soil, plant your seeds, and then chill the heck out and be patient. Patience requires more work than any of us will admit.


Fruit is converted sales. Money in the bank. “Girl you’ve GOT this” cash. Enjoy the fruit. Save it, invest it, spend it, get your nails done, buy new underwear, reinvest in your business. Whatever you do: be a good steward of the fruit from this process. Be kind, be thankful, be humble, and repeat the process, and if you have enough, be generous. Keep working at this cycle.

Molly Goodman