Don't Dream Medium

What’s “Dreaming medium”?

It’s what your subconscious is probably actually telling you. Did you know that?

You are insanely good at self-limitation. It’s natural to stiff arm fear and lean into what’s safe, reliable, and known. Right now, I want you to think about your dreams. Are they the dreams of a medium-potential, low-risk person? Or are they the dreams of a high-potential, high-risk, high-reward person?

If your dreams feel safe, you’re dreaming medium because you don’t want to be held accountable for your failure. But, if you want to dream big, plan to fail big and go for it anyway.

Dreaming big drastically changes your day-to-day.

Identify what abundance would actually look like if you could have it all.

Does dreaming a big life of abundance look like…

  1. Hitting a dollar amount?

  2. Getting 2x or 5x or 10x the amount of clients?

  3. Hiring a team?

  4. Working with X vendor/client/distributor?

  5. Writing a book?…And selling it?

I don’t know what your dreaming big looks like, but I’ll tell you what mine looks like.

3x’ing my income in 1 year. Working the “School Day Schedule” before I have children. Having a 10 person long wait list with deposits by June 2019.

Does any of this feel possible from the experience I have now? Not really. Could I fail? Yeah. Almost definitely. But if I don’t go for failing hard, I’ll never realize dreaming big.

The truth is: Every single day, every hour, I do something to get me closer to my wildest dream.

Every day I do something to map me closer to my wild dream. I’m actively chipping at the potential failure to realize the potential dream.

  1. I’ve already 3x’d my income in the last two years. 3xing my income again in one year? Doing it. Today. Right. Now. Every hour is mapped to my revenue generation at the end of the day, week, month, quarter, and year. Does that intimidate you like it did for me? It’s not so scary. Ask me how.

  2. School day schedule before kids? Here we are. I’m intentionally creating a life for my daughters, for your daughters, for people who are daughters. I’m vulnerably walking into the fray of “balanced mom life” when I don’t even have children. That’s scary.

  3. A 10 person wait list? You better believe I’m scheduling those calls and working that waitlist. I’m tracking and scoring every call, I’m grading myself as I go. If I don’t’ know what I’m doing right, how will I ever convert what I’m doing into doing something so well people wait in line?

So :

Will you dream medium?

Or will you dream big?

If you want to “get out of the veal pen of your own excuses” (quote Jen Sincero) and play in a bigger, better, league of your own, we should probably chat.

I want to help you

  1. Identify where you’re dreaming medium.

  2. Figure out what it looks like to dream bigger with a plan.

  3. Get a plan for how you’ll make it happen.

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