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Mol Goodman has worked with many designers and creative business owners during her photography career and one question always came up when booking photoshoots:

“What are you going to do with your photos after I deliver them?”

Most clients came back with, “Well, I don’t know…” or “I was hoping you’d tell me what to do with them!”.

That wasn’t quite good enough. Right? If you’re going to spend any single portion of your marketing budget on photography, you should have a clear and precise vision for how you’ll use those photos.

So, Mol went to her own business coach and they worked together on a formula for how she could help people be in charge of not only their marketing strategy, but their whole business.

Do you run your business or does your business run you?

Mol believes that every business owner needs to be in the drivers seat. She has developed a coaching method that focuses on two things: systems and attitude.

The systems pillar is comprised of a group of intensive workshops which target marketing, sales, deliverables, design processes, communication, technology integration, financial organization, vendor management, booking, and pricing.

The attitude pillar is where you develop a motivated lean towards professionalism, intensity, strategy, and entrepreneurship. Ideally, you are creating a perfect employee for your business; what does he or she look like and act like on a daily basis? Be that.


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Coach, Photographer, Master of some


Hi. I’m Mol Goodman.

I was cut out for entrepreneurship from the get-go; my two parents run international businesses right out of the home I grew up in. Coffee with Dad always leads to conversations about cash flow or leadership. Lunch with Mom usually means discussing new revenue streams, client management, and creative health.

So when I quit my first job to start a photography business, it just felt right. Until it didn’t.

I was chasing leads with no end-game in mind, marketing services that I wasn’t even sure I could deliver, and running my creativity into the ground with comparison and insecurity.

I was in the worst place of my young business’ life and I needed to make a decision.

So, I hired a business coach. During a six month intensive I grew exponentially in my confidence and professionalism, had my most profitable month yet, and got clear on who I am and what I do.

But it was terrifying. And it hurt. And it was hard.

But in the end, it was good. And I’m here to tell the story: you aren’t here because you already know everything, you’re here because you have more to learn. Let’s walk in that together.

If you’re ready to talk about what coaching might look like, shoot me a message in the box above and I’ll set up a time for us to talk.

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