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This is boom strategy.

Consulting & Coaching by Mol Goodman.


I help creative women go from bloom to boom.


Ok, so what?

I have worked with so many designers and creative business owners during my photography career and this one question always came up when I was closing on booking a photoshoot. I’d ask, “What will you do with the photos after I deliver them?” Most of the time I got, “Uh, post them on Instagram, I guess?” or “I don’t know! I was hoping you’d tell me!”

It was at this point that I realized how many of my clients were operating their businesses with no guidance, plan, or projection.

A great business run by a strong, motivated, professional go-getting-gal is a business that inspires others, creates opportunity, and grows at a clip that makes jaws drop.

Sound awesome? Let’s take you next level.

You cannot achieve change and growth without a bit of breaking and healing. And I’m not talking about the kind of healing where you lay in bed eating chicken soup to get over a bad cold; I’m talking hard physical therapy after a broken femur type of healing.

I have made it my mission to help creative women, designers, and makers transition from mediocrity into abundance. I want my clients to start playing in a league of their own and tap into the higher reaches of their potential by minimizing the effort needed to make their dream life of abundance a reality.

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My Story

It’s nice to meet you.

I’m a consultant, coach, photographer, freelancer, master of some.

I’m Mol Goodman.

I was cut out for entrepreneurship from the get-go; my two parents run international businesses right out of the home I grew up in. Coffee with Dad always leads to conversations about cash flow or leadership. Lunch with Mom usually means discussing new revenue streams, client management, and creative health.

So when I quit my first job to start a photography business, it just felt right. Until it didn’t. I was chasing leads with no endgame in mind, marketing services that I wasn’t even sure I could deliver, and running my creativity into the ground with comparison and insecurity.

I was in the worst place of my young business’ life and I needed to make a decision.

I hired a business coach. During a six month intensive I grew exponentially in my confidence and professionalism, had my most profitable month yet, and got clear on who I am and what I do.

But it was terrifying. And it hurt. And it was hard. But in the end, it was good.
And I’m here to deliver some tough love that you didn’t ask for: you are the only thing holding yourself back from your dreams.
Do you know what steps you need to take to realize those dreams, live a life of abundance and run an optimal business that brings you joy?