How it works


Your First Call

Your first call is free. During this time we will decide if coaching is really what you need. My guess is that if you’re here, then there is a big pull in your chest telling you, “Yes, I need coaching.”

1 on 1

Twice a month one on one coaching where we develop a strategy for how you’re going to start operating differently.

Breaking + healing = Change + Growth

We all have bad habits that we need to replace with good and reliable systems to make room for professional and personal growth. The equation is not reversible. You cannot achieve change and growth without doing a little bit of breaking and healing. And I’m not talking about the kind of healing where you lay in bed eating chicken soup to get over a bad cold; I’m talking hard physical therapy after a broken femur type of healing.


Every month, we’ll tackle different areas within your business in a concise and deliberate way that gives you a strategy for that area . Some months we do two workshops, some months are exclusively growth and maintenance for previous workshops completed. We will do everything as a team on your pace and on your schedule however that doesn’t mean I won’t be there to push you and to encourage you to work harder.


I’ll pop the hood on my business for you and show you where my broken bones are, where I found healing, and what I have done to manifest my dreams and realities. There are some real resources that I have invested in, I will teach you how to find the right ones for you (or encourage you to use mine where appropriate).

The AHA period

There will be a period where you go “AHA!” time and time again. Your systems will start to work. You’ll stop working on weekends. You’ll get clients who want to book you at your prices. You’ll see the fruits of your labor and it will all have been dictated by you, your efforts, and your diligence in the process of breaking and healing. The aha period signals success in our coaching intensives and is the beginning of our relationship as colleagues. This happens anywhere from Month 6 to Month 12.