I'm Fessing Up

I asked someone to do something I hadn’t even done yet.

I had a call with a client the other day and we were discussing a big topic: vulnerability.


I asked her, “What are you feeling vulnerable about?”

She said, “Fully owning my business and bringing it in as part of my identity.”

Honestly, I didn’t feel that as much as I should. I just went straight into coach mode: peeling back the layers of fear and existing identity to make room for progression to blossom. But I totally didn’t hear her in human mode. I didn’t say, “You know what…me. too.” I just started in on her problems. But I’m cutting myself a break: that’s not all bad.

I’m glad that I’m good at coaching, that I can actually get my clients from A to B, from problem to solution, from chaos to control. But I’m not glad that I missed an opportunity for myself to be fully and presently vulnerable.

Will you allow that for me here and now?

I’ll be fully and presently vulnerable with you right now: I’m scared to own my coaching business and bring it in on my identity. Right now it’s like my photography business’s pet that I keep in the back and tell to be quiet when guests come to the door.

But I promise to raise it up, to own it, to bring it into the light and out of the closet of my own insecurity. I will own this business. I will coach. I am a coach.

Here’s why vulnerability is scary.

It means you are admitting that you’re not adequate, worthy, full, perfect, good…

Here’s why vulnerability is necessary.

So that you can become those things by letting those little fears that are just seedlings of ideas out into the light to grow into cool big ideas.

For more on vulnerability, check out Lana Dingwall. She helped me sort through my vulnerabilities and she can help you too.

Molly Goodman